A Busy Mom Meal Hack

I took a walk around my yard earlier this week and to my delight I could see my daffodils bravely emerging from their winter slumber. This small sign of spring has given me mental permission to start preparing for my annual garden. I can’t wait to be out in the sunshine and the dirt!

One of my favorite things about gardening is the satisfaction of seeing my hard work turn into healthy vegetables that my family can enjoy.

One of my least favorite things is cutting up those vegetables into edible sizes. I dislike it so much that sometimes my produce will rot before I resign myself to chopping duty.

In order to save myself time and to save my vegetables from the compost bin, I have started to make up a large batch of chopped vegetables once a week.

It’s pretty easy and saves me so much time, that I find that I don’t mind doing it.


First, I wash up and rough chop the vegetables that I want in my mix.

I place them in my food processor and pulse the blade until the vegetables are the size I want.

I store the chopped vegetables in the refrigerator with a scoop in the container to make using the vegetables even easier.

I usually just scoop some of the mix onto a bed of lettuce to make a salad, but I have also used the vegetable mix in broth to make vegetable soup and have added it to rice to make a quick fried rice.


I know that finding time to prep healthy meals after a baby arrives can be challenging. I hope this simple trick can make this task one step easier.


If you would like to make prepping healthy meals even easier, hire one of our postpartum doulas to come and do all of the prep work for you.


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