Understanding Cesarean Birth

April is Cesarean Awareness Month. At Iowa City Birth Services, we celebrate our cesarean families. At our local hospitals, one in three babies is born by cesarean birth. It is likely that you or someone you know has given birth by cesarean. This blog addresses some of the common questions and misconceptions about cesareans and also ...

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I Won’t Get You Sick

Keeping my germs at my house

I caught the plague and survived.

At least, that is how I am feeling today. Yesterday, I would have put higher odds on me not surviving.

In the past few weeks I had been hearing about cases of a sudden onset stomach virus that was hitting hard at local schools. We upped hand-washing at our house and tried ...

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Behind the Business – What’s in a Name?

Combining our former businesses and creating Iowa City Birth Services has been a large part of our lives lately. So many new experiences and thought-processes are occurring almost daily. These “Behind the Business posts” will be a chance for us to share with you all of the exciting developments we have been up to at Iowa City Birth Services.

Creating a Business Name (otherwise known as “Second Guessing Every Word that Comes Out of Your Mouth”)

The ...

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Finding the beginning


The blank page is staring at me and my deepest desire right now is to fill it with words.

Good words. Words that I can be proud of and that you would like.

If the words could gather themselves into sentences, that would be even better. Sentences that are clear and express ...

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