Childbirth Education Classes Starting Soon!

I love teaching. I have always loved teaching. When I was little I would line up my stuffed animals and play school. In college I majored in special education and minored in education. One of my favorite experiences about working as a doula is spending time during a prenatal appointment with a client sharing my knowledge about pregnancy and birth.

I am so excited that the time has come for Iowa City Birth Services to start offering childbirth education classes and that I get to co-teach in a class setting again!

We know that preparing for the birth of your baby is very important to you. We also understand that people have busy schedules in the summer and that it can be difficult to commit to a multiple week class. That is why, for the month of July, we are offering a three hour, quick paced, interactive class.

The class is entitled Birth: The Process, The Pain & The Positions.

This curriculum is judgment free, evidence based, and will help you prepare for the birth that you desire. The following is a brief outline of the topics that this class covers.

  • Birth Partner Communication
  • Hopes, Wishes & a Written Plan
  • Fetal Positions
  • The Labor Process
  • Non-Medical Pain Relief and Comfort Measures
  • Medical Pain Relief
  • Positions for Labor and Birth

Our first class will be offered on July 14th from 1-4PM. It will be held in the beautiful yoga studio at Robinson Family Wellness in Coralville. The fee for this comprehensive childbirth education class is $120 and with each registration one support person (spouse, partner, parent, sibling, friend) may attend for free.

Register online using the “Register Here” button below and I will see you in July!


Questions? Feel free to send us an email at