At Iowa City Birth Services, we work in teams, assigning two doulas per client. We feel that this allows us to provide you with the best support possible while also creating a sustainable business model for us.

How does it work?

Both of your doulas will meet with you for the initial consultation, then one will meet with you for the first prenatal appointment where the birth plan is created, and the other doula will meet with you for the second prenatal where comfort measures are discussed. This provides the opportunity to develop a relationship with both of your doulas.

Your team shares a call schedule from the moment your contract is signed, and whoever is on call when you go into labor will attend your birth and postpartum visit. By hiring a team of doulas instead of a solo doula, you never have to worry about a stranger serving as backup in case your doula is with another client, gets sick or has an emergency that would prevent her from attending your birth, since the doula team serves as backup for each other. And that’s why we offer two doulas instead of one!