Would recommend them to anyone

Thanks to Iowa City Birth Services we were able to have the exact birth that we envisioned.  Their support before, during, and after the birth was invaluable and we couldn’t have asked for more! We look forward to working with them again and would recommend them to anyone!

Katie, Keota

So glad we hired Iowa City Birth Services

“My husband and I are so glad we hired Iowa City Birth Services to assist with the labor and delivery of our son! Grace was extremely professional and kind, and did a great job supporting us so that we wouldn’t feel anxious during the process.  I appreciate how she made suggestions for pain relief during labor, but was never pushy about making me do anything.

Lydia, Iowa City

Helped us feel supported

“Emily and Hannah were fantastic in assisting my husband and I before labor, during labor/delivery and postpartum.  When our birth did not go according to plan, they helped support us as we had to change our outlook on how we wanted to proceed.  They asked the right questions and provided amazing support without pushing us to make decisions based on their opinions.  Both Emily and Hannah are truly caring individuals that put our needs first and helped us feel as supported as possible.  We would absolutely use their services again!”

Hannah, Coralville

Great service

“Great service! Grace was a calming doula and helped decrease our anxiety.”

She helped me to feel confident

“lt made a huge difference to have Emily with us as a doula during my labor.  She is experienced, understanding, professional and caring.  My husband was very comfortable working with Emily as well which is an essential part of having a good team dynamic.  She helped me to feel confident in my ability as a woman to give birth during our prenatal visits and during labor.  Emily is nurturing but firm, and that’s an important quality for a doula to have and the type of person I wanted by my side during labor.  My husband and I are very pleased with Emily’s services and would recommend her without hesitation.”

Anna, Cedar Rapids


To help you through your birth

“Hannah was my doula last year and did a fantastic job! I so appreciated having her there. There’s nothing like the knowledgeable support of another mother to help you through your birth.”

Iowa CityDSC01799 (2)

An  invaluable resource and support for my husband

“Emily was a doula for the births of our second and third daughters. I met Emily only a few weeks before I gave birth to our second daughter. We had just moved to Iowa City for my husband’s graduate program the month before and didn’t really know anyone yet. Our families all lived at least 5 hours away and it was a scary feeling to realize that if I had to suddenly go into labor, there was no one that we trusted to be able to watch our 2-year-old daughter. My husband and I already knew we wanted a doula at the birth, but now it seemed even more important; we needed to know there was someone to help me labor while my husband watched our daughter until a family member could be here to take over.
I was so blessed to have met Emily.  Our very first meeting, she was kind, warm and friendly, but professional. I felt assured she was highly capable and knowledgeable, and simultaneously felt very comfortable knowing she would be an integral part of one of the most intimate moments in life. She could answer my questions confidently. I knew that if my husband had to stay to care for our daughter, I would feel supported and comfortable going through labor with Emily.

For both births, she was a fantastic advocate and an amazing help. She felt comfortable conversing with hospital staff and making sure that I was getting all the information I needed, and that the staff got all the information on what was important to me. She is a very rare blend of assertive and respectful, so that requests are made and met without offense. She ran errands, got us food, massaged my back, held me while I labored, and provided respite for my husband (who has chronic back pain) – so many things that would have been difficult or impossible had she not been there.
She was an invaluable resource and support for my husband – helping a woman through childbirth is a full-time, physically and emotionally taxing endeavor, one that is very hard to do by oneself. She even, amazingly, recognized that I was in transition and about ready to push before I (or the hospital staff!) did. She has amazing physical strength (!!) and actually held me up while I delivered my third daughter; she came so quickly, there wasn’t time to move to the bed, so I delivered standing up! I didn’t realize that I would nearly entirely lose my ability to stand on my own, but Emily, unfazed, held me up while my husband prepared to catch the baby (thankfully, the team arrived just in time!). I cannot imagine having gone through the births without her; the whole experience would have been so different, much, much more challenging.”

Kristin, Iowa City


Extremely supportive emotionally and physically

“Emily was extremely supportive emotionally and physically during my birth experience.  Most of all she was extremely calm and has a very warm personality.  My husband was very happy and thankful for her doula services.  She was very prompt and strived to meet our birth plan.  I plan to use Emily for my next birth.  She made our birth experience more relaxing and less scary.  Worth every penny!”

Jessica, Washington


Placenta encapsulation is completely worth the money!

“I decided to have my placenta encapsulated because my recovery with my first child was less than ideal.  I had pretty bad baby blues and just
didn’t feel like myself for about two months.  After discussing the benefits with Hannah, My husband and I decided that even it it didn’t
help, it couldn’t hurt.  The effort was very minimal on my part, they picked up the placenta, and Hannah even delivered the capsules in less
than a week to my home and followed up a couple times to check on me.

I cannot recommend placental encapsulation enough!  I have not had any of the hormone issues I did with my first and my energy levels have been
awesome.  I have been able to really enjoy the sweet fleeting newborn phase versus feeling like a zombie shell of myself.  Completely worth the

Iowa City